Hi! I’m Priscilla!


I’m a daughter of immigrants, Latinx Career Coach, and host of the ECM Podcast. Today, I have an exciting career working as a human capital management consultant working with Fortune 500 companies on their workforce & people strategies. But, the truth is, the road to get here was not linear nor simple.

In fact, the road was long, bumpy, and filled with self-doubt. During my 20’s, I had to figure out how to pivot my career twice  and figure out what I really wanted to do with my career. My parents couldn’t really advise me on my professional journey and I often wondered if I was even on the right path, or if I’d be successful.

After working as a talent recruiter & director, I decided to create the Early Career Moves Podcast –  to help guide other ambitious BIPOC make their own critical career decisions, such as:

  • Exploring – discovering and validating the “best fit” career path;

  • Pivoting – switching industry, function, or both;

  • Accelerating – moving up in a current role, industry, or organization, at a faster rate

A little bit more about me

I live, work, podcast and coach from Austin, Texas. In my spare time, I like to ride my Peloton bike, check out new bars & restaurants with my husband, Brook and cuddle with my Shih-tzu, Kili.

I got my BA in Political Science & Italian Studies from Wellesley College and also have my MBA from UT Austin McCombs School of Business and MPA from UT Austin – LBJ School of Public Affairs.