1 : 1 Coaching

I’m currently accepting a limited number of private 1:1 clients who want MORE out of their careers and lives! Are you ready to make your next best career move?

How do I know if I’m a good fit for this program?


  • You’re not happy with your current job

  • You don’t know what you want to do next (industry, function, or role)

  • You feel stuck in your career, or wake up every Monday morning with a feeling of dread about work

  • You have a nagging feeling that you’re plateau-ing or falling behind

  • The thought of starting a job application process or interviewing is overwhelming

  • You’ve been applying to jobs online randomly and not getting any results

  • You’ve been getting rejected (or ghosted) from job applications or interviews

  • You don’t know how to tell your “story” in a way that is compelling and concise

  • You don’t know how to optimize your LinkedIn or resume

  • You want to make more money, have more time freedom, or make your career fit into your life

  • You don’t want to have to get a graduate degree to make your career move

  • You want a structured approach to keep you accountable and on-track to achieve this big milestone

  • You’re excited about growth and willing to do hard & scary things

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you work with clients?

I work with clients on a 6 month basis with an option to renew at the 6 month mark.

In order to make a meaningful career change, you need to invest at least 6 months of targeted effort and brain power into the process. I create a container for you that gives you room to breathe and reflect on what you really want to do next, what’s available for you, and then do the work to make your goal happen. This timeline allows for “life” to happen. Work, health, friends, family and other commitments will inevitably come up, and I want to set you up for success as much as possible.

What's your process?

Throughout your 6 months of working with me, I’ll take you through 4 main stages. Based on where you are in your career change process, the time we spend within each stage will vary. 

  1. Career Clarity – During this stage, we begin with big picture exploration exercises and deep self-reflection. We take stock of your personal career portfolio and what you bring to the table. Then, we move into targeted career exploration activities to help you pinpoint the type of career change move you are seeking to make. This is the MOST important part of your career change journey, and unfortunately, the most often skipped.
  2. Personal Branding – During this stage, you already know your target role, function, industry, and geography. I help you craft your story via your Resume, LinkedIn profile, behavioral interview prep, and Elevator Pitch. We do this so that you can be recognized in the vast sea of applications and candidates. 
  3. Networking & Application Strategy – Using the “2 Hour Job Search” process by Steve Dalton, I help you create an intentional job search strategy that is time and energy efficient. I help you tap into the hidden job market via networking and LinkedIn best practices. This is the most emotionally challenging part of your process, and I help you navigate the mindset roadblocks around rejection, self-doubt, and long waits.
  4. Evaluating Offers – When the offers begin to trickle in, I help you make sense of your offer letters and teach you how to negotiate your offer. I hold you accountable to make sure you choose the best offer for you.

During the consult call, I explain how we would apply this process to your specific goals.

What is included in your program?
  • 90 Minute Deep Dive “Discovery Call” to kick off our work together, set goals, and craft a roadmap for our 6 months of work together
  • 10 Coaching Calls (1 hour each) – you can book at your leisure
  • 1 Resume Walk-Through Call (in addition to coaching calls)
  • Carefully curated exercises for each stage of the process
  • Resume Revamp Service available for 3 different target roles
  • LinkedIn Profile Review/Feedback
  • Unlimited Email/WhatsApp Access to Priscilla during business hours
  • Video Tutorials and Carefully Crafted Resources for Critical Job Search Skill Building, Networking, Interview Prep, and so much more
Why should I work with you?

Work with me so that you can make your next career move faster than I did – without having to get an expensive graduate degree. Do it in a way that doesn’t take away from the rest of your life, and brings you calm and ease.

  • I have personally switched industries and functions several times.
  • I have professional experience as a talent recruiter, hiring manager and talent acquisition expert.
  • As a management consultant, I work in a variety of industries and understand the nuances of working in each one.
  • While attending a Top 20 MBA program, I learned the process of transitioning careers and landing amazing jobs.
  • I’m a former teacher and understand how to create curriculum / deliver knowledge in a bite-sized way that works for different client needs.
  • I’m a career geek and read an inordinate amount of career / life design books.
  • I have an incredible network that I am always happy to leverage for my clients when appropriate.
  • I’m kind, empathetic and will be your champion the whole way through.