The Early Career Moves Podcast is a career strategy podcast for BIPOC young professionals trying to figure out their next career move.

Hosted by Latinx Career Coach, former talent recruiter and now human capital strategy consultant to Fortune 500 Companies, Priscilla Esquivel Bulcha.

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BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) young professionals disproportionately face:

  • Lack of access to professional mentors or people who can help guide career decision making
  • Lack of exposure to career prep expertise such as intentional networking, interviewing well, negotiating salary/raises and branding

  • Financial burdens involved with supporting family members and paying off student loans

  • Lack of social capital to navigate elite industries & career paths 

  • Imposter syndrome and psychological toll of being “the only one” in the room

  • “Child of immigrant” pressures to only pursue high-paying, prestigious career paths