The Early Career Moves Podcast is a career strategy podcast for BIPOC young professionals trying to figure out their next career move.

Hosted by Human Capital Strategy Consultant, former talent recruiter, former teacher, and first-generation Latina, Priscilla Esquivel Bulcha.

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Why do I focus on working with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) folks?

Because BIPOC professionals disproportionately face:

  • Lack of access to professional mentors or people who can help guide career decision making
  • Lack of exposure to career prep expertise such as intentional networking, interviewing well, negotiating salary/raises and branding

  • Financial burdens involved with supporting family members and paying off student loans

  • Lack of social capital to navigate elite industries & career paths 

  • Imposter syndrome and psychological toll of being “the only one” in the room

  • “Child of immigrant” pressures to only pursue high-paying, prestigious career paths